Ex-Offender Re-Acclamation Back into Society Program

EDMUND HODGES – President of Operations

Operations is an important functional concern for this program because efficient and effective operations management goes a long way toward ensuring quality and productivity. Inefficient or ineffective operations management on the other hand, almost inevitably leads to lower levels of both quality and productivity. Edmund Hodges duties will include, but are not limited to, approving program proposals and selecting target investments locations. Edmund is involved in the day to day operations of all aspects of the program. He also directs the administrative and financial aspects of the program and work closely with the founder to help guide and support activities over which they have specific responsibility. Any client participants chosen to be evaluated under the objectives of this program, Mr. Hodges’ unique association with Accomplished Realty Group, LLC, Steingold and Associates, INC., combined with over 6 years spent as an inmate/offender, has given him extensive experience and an uncanny ability to teach others, to train and to translate this programs vision and mission to the inmates and their families it was created for. Edmund Hodges possesses the passion and such a overwhelmingly positive attitude that beyond his direct impact on quality and productivity he also directly influences this programs overall level of effectiveness.


My name is Lucien Perez and I am a member of the professional division of your organization because I have a multitude of skills that will enhance the relationship between external businesses and the internal environment of your group. I am currently a Marketing Specialist for Steingold and Associates in Miami, Florida. I assist in securing real estate deals for our parent company in Chicago, Illinois and other cities in the United States. In a short time span, I have built relationships with many investors-both private and professional.

Additionally, I am a passionate member of Mission Accomplished, Incorporated, a not for profit group that assists homeless, challenged and ex-offenders, through training programs, job opportunities and real life positive experiences. In conjunction with Mission Accomplished, I am a success because of the courses and the Dynamics of the Highly Successful Entrepreneurship Program. My background includes several challenges, allowing me to share some of my life lessons and to motivate young men and women. Also, I relate to large groups of people and I would like to provide training in business concepts and sales leadership roles while utilizing what I’ve learned from the courses I completed in 2010. My knowledge, resources to gather donated funds and my business acumen make me an excellent candidate for your group and I look forward to enhancing and growing with you!